Nuestro despacho ha sido escogido y galardonado por la guía premier de la firma britÁnica “Global Law Experts”, con los premios “Recommended Firm” y “Recommended Attorney”.

Our firm has been chosen and honored by the prestigious law firm guide "WHO'S WHO".


The firm has the experience of representing clients who suffered major crisis in the area of PROFECO; Therefore, we understand that success in matters related to the PROFECO, is due in large measure to the control, order and follow-up given to them; In accordance with the foregoing, we coordinate the talent, knowledge and experience of our lawyers with timely and precise control of the matters entrusted.

The firm has total and continuous control over the complaints filed before the PROFECO; And feedback to the client, at all times, with the updating of the cases, informing him of any details and possible risk that could be generated.

During our trajectory, we have successfully represented companies with a strong relationship with PROFECO, both in the field of complaints, and in the field of compliance reviews.

Our lawyers, experts in administrative law, have participated in more than 500 proceedings before PROFECO, obtaining a percentage of success superior to 95%, which has been achieved thanks to the mastery of the administrative law; We exhaust any administrative remedy that may be appropriate, including the “amparo” trial where appropriate, and we seek to close any loopholes that the authority may use.

PROFECO attorneys not only provide services in Mexico City and the State of Mexico, but also handle verifications and complaints in the other states of the Republic. Our attorneys are not limited to answering complaints and verifications by PROFECO, but also are responsible for drawing up and registering the model contract of the suppliers and elaborate the corresponding resources to shield the company from any contingent liabilities that could derive from the Proceedings instituted by the PROFECO

Success stories:

• The firm represented one of the most important travel agencies worldwide, handling numerous complaints in a very short period of time, resulting from the bankruptcy of Mexicana, Air Comet, Aviacsa, Allitalia, etc. Obtaining favorable results in 95% of the defended procedures.

• The firm represents the interests of several important hotels, ensuring that 100% of the resolutions issued by PROFECO are favorable to our clients.

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