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  Intellectual Property

• Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI)
• Trademark Registration
• Contentious Trademark Procedures
• Copyright Institute (INDAUTOR)
• Collective Management Companies
• Registration of works

The lawyers of our firm have extensive experience in the area of intellectual property law, and guide our clients from the registration of the mark to the guidelines of their use and licensing, in order that the mark is a true sign of Prestige and recognition of the work and effort of our clients.

The firm has extensive experience in litigation in the field of intellectual property, as we have successfully intervened in various litigation cases to defend our clients; For example, important hotel chains, various restaurant chains, manufacturers of medical supplies, etc.


In recent years, it has become commonplace to file infringement proceedings in copyright material, before the INDAUTOR, in which collective management societies representing the interests of various authors and composers, indirectly seek to reach a Agreement, which generally consists of the monthly or annual payment of a fee.

Our attorneys, who are experts in procedures before INDAUTOR, have managed to prevent our clients from paying the amounts claimed by these collecting societies and that are liable to penalties or fines by INDAUTOR.

This law firm has extensive experience in proceedings before INDAUTOR, in addition to our lawyers have received various courses related to the Federal Copyright Law, Procedure of agreement, etc.

Our experience in Intellectual Property, includes litigation and “amparo trial” before Administrative Tribunals Nullity Trials, Revision Resources, Amparo Trial, etc.

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