Nuestro despacho ha sido escogido y galardonado por la guía premier de la firma britÁnica “Global Law Experts”, con los premios “Recommended Firm” y “Recommended Attorney”.

Our firm has been chosen and honored by the prestigious law firm guide "WHO'S WHO".

  Corporate Law

The firm has a great experience in corporate law, since we intervened from the creation of companies, providing them with all the necessary legal instruments to develop their business in the best way.

We were recently honored with the "Corporate INTL" award given by the specialized firm "WHO'S WHO", which reinforces the capacity, experience and professionalism of our corporate lawyers.

Our corporate law attorneys have represented transnational corporations in the creation of subsidiaries in Mexico, giving clients total control over the companies created, but without limiting or hindering their operation.

Some of the services provided by our specialized lawyers in corporate law are the following:
• Minutes of shareholders' meeting, Incorporation of companies in Mexico, and Joint Venture commercial agreements
• Development of bylaws
• Liquidation, merger and division of companies
• Advice on any matter related to the companies
• Constitution of societies
• Planning, elaboration, revision of contracts or agreements.

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