ZOZAYA & IBÁÑEZ, SC, is a law firm based in Mexico City, founded in 2010 by law professionals, who have directed their talent, legal knowledge and expertise in providing comprehensive protection to companies, practice based on values of efficiency, honesty, leadership and commitment.

The lawyers who are part of our firm proudly have consolidated Zozaya & Ibáñez, SC, in Mexico, as a legal office of direct participation in business activity, all of which has been a determining factor in the growth and success of Companies that the firm represents, as well as in the legal defense of such companies in trials, judicial or administrative proceedings, as well as to avoid abuses by the authorities.

The success of this firm has been achieved by efficiently coordinating the talent, skills and specialization of our lawyers, finding the most efficient solution possible, to the problems raised by our clients, assuming responsibly the human side that involves the profession of being a lawyer.

In Zozaya & Ibáñez, S.C., we have as a priority to provide our clients with SECURITY, TRANQUILITY AND CONFIDENCE in the projects that the firm directs, because we understand that trust is the main link in the chain between the client and the lawyer.

Although our services are directed at individuals and corporations, with activities in Mexico City, we have occasionally visited other countries, representing our clients, in order to negotiate agreements and achieve the desired success.

In the Firm we are aware that the great problem facing justice in Mexico is time; therefore, our lawyers strive to obtain the desired success by our customers, in the shortest possible time.

Office in Zona Esmeralda

The trust of our clients, motivated us to open an office in Zona Esmeralda, in Atizapán de Zaragoza, understanding that for this, we should demand to meet the highest standards of quality in service and professionalism.

The opening of this office, obliges us to provide legal services of excellence in Zona Esmeralda, because we understand that our neighbors in Zona Esmeralda of Atizapán de Zaragoza, seek the best services, without having to move to Mexico City; For that reason in Zozaya and Ibáñez, S. C. their cases can be attended by honest, capable lawyers with an outstanding degree of expertise, without having to go to Mexico City.

In recent years, several companies have been established in the northern area of the metropolitan area, in addition to a significant industrial activity in the municipalities of Naucalpan, Cuautitlán and Tlalnepantla; Which facilitates the economic activity of the area, without the need to travel long distances; However, the services sector is still incipient and inexperienced; So we consider that with quality professional services, we contribute to improving and boosting this sector.

The lawyers in the Zona Esmeralda (Atizapán de Zaragoza), provide commercial, civil, labor and administrative services, and have as premise to inform the client at all times, the progress and status of the issues.

Zozaya and Ibáñez, is convinced to provide services of excellence; For that reason the lawyers in Zona Esmeralda (Atizapán de Zaragoza), besides having several courses of specialization

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To provide our clients with the best legal tools, in order to be a solutions office, and to be a determining factor in the growth and success of our clients.


To be a leading legal firm, with recognition in Mexico and internationally, forging our trajectory in the success of our clients.


Our firm has been chosen and honored by the premier guide of the British firm "Global Law Experts" with the awards "RECOMMENDED FIRM".

Our firm has been chosen and honored by the prestigious law firm guide "WHO'S WHO".

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