ZOZAYA & IBÁÑEZ, S.C., is a law firm in Mexico City founded by law professionals, who have joined their talent, knowledge and legal expertise to provide OVERALL REAL ESTATE PROTECTION for COMPANIES, operating over efficiency, honesty, leadership and commitment best values.

Having such values as principles that guide our legal practice, the professional staff integration proudly have consolidated ZOZAYA & IBAÑEZ, S.C., as a law firm in Mexico City with direct participation for enterprise activities, all this has resulted into a key factor for our clients’ development and growth. The sucess of the firm has been driven by the talent, coodination and highest level of knowledge of our Mexican lawyers and collaborators, in order to give solution in the most effective manner to the problems presented by our clients, assuming responsibly the human side that implies the lawyer`s practice.

Our Mexican attorneys, have pursued in addition to their Mexican law degrees, post-graduate legal studies in order to have specialized Mexican lawyers in every area that Zozaya & Ibañez represents in Mexico City

Familiar Law

We have quite experience in representing foreign people in familiar issues, such as divorce, alimony, custody. In fact, our Mexican lawyers, specialized in divorce issues, have represented people from all over the world (United States of America, Canada, Germany, China, Poland, Netherlands, Chile, Argentina, etc.)


Our Law firm in Mexico City has also experience representing foreign people in order to obtain their visa, temporary residence, permanent residence, and in general every request related to their migration status. The immigration lawyers are also in charge of obtaining the certificate to employ foreign workers.

Business in Mexico City

The Mexican attorneys of our legal firm have received several specialization courses in this area, in order to provide to our clients the best legal instruments to develop their enterprises in Mexico City. We have several years of experience in representing foreign companies.

• Creation of legal entities
• Labor law
• Contracts, drafting and discussion
• Relation with Government
• Intellectual Property
• Litigation (We have an outstanding record in this area, based upon the talent and professionalism of our Mexican lawyers)
• Real state



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